Growth in this sector involves getting all key players in e-commerce in Quebec involved in establishing beneficial organizational structures.

More than ever, socio-economic development in the 21st century depends on mastery of information and communications technology (ICT). The expanding use of ICT is clearly apparent in the growing field of national and international e-commerce. In terms of ICT, Quebec is faring well compared to other modern economies. However, as regards e-commerce and especially B2C activity, Quebec lags behind in comparison with market leaders. This situation can be explained by several factors, but the lack of structures for meeting, for dialogue and for collaboration among the main players is certainly a key element. In that context, the foundations of an association that allows as many industry figures as possible to intervene in the development of e-commerce in Quebec have now been established.

AQCE - Schema

This new association is based on the following principles:

  1. an open, democratic structure that works closely with other component elements of e-commerce in Quebec;
  2. insofar as possible, its members will represent all sectors of e-commerce activity (government services and agencies, e-tailers and other private sector firms, teaching and research institutions, consumers), with membership privileges and obligations adapted to each group;
  3. centres of interest based on all elements affecting the development of e-commerce, but chiefly the development of B2B commerce and B2C activity, particularly for those who need it most – small and medium-sized businesses and consumers;
  4. activities and projects that have a formative impact and long-term spinoffs. In that respect, participation in the development of e-commerce infrastructures is a priority;
  5. use of both French and English in all communications.
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